About Us

Before we embarked on our mission to demystify and expose the cowards running their sinister cyber extortion rackets, we were one of the numerous victims. We were all living our peaceful lives, working in our offices like normal people. We were respected, reputed and never troubled anybody. We were the common people like everyone else. Till one day,  random nonsensical complaints appeared on these so-called anonymous complaint sites. The complaints were well manufactured, like written by a professional writer. It was suspect, because the complaints did not made any sense. We had never provided any service, to any client (by that name). As soon as we contacted the webmaster for an explanation, several comments began appearing on the complaint alleging serious wrongdoings on my part, and my staff (although I am a freelancer who worked alone). Then there were allegations of sexual harassment by my alleged ex-employee (did I mentioned I work alone). And to top it all, there were personal attacks on my family.
So I did what I could do best, and hired a libel expert, got a court order and had the complaint removed from Google. Within weeks, the internet was full of over a dozen complaints against me, all fake and made up. It was never-ending. Like these complaint sites work as a team. I couldn’t afford to hire the libel lawyers anymore. I received several ‘offers’ for removal from dubious reputation firms who I now know work with these complaint sites as an elaborate extortion scheme.
My wife had to take a break from her workplace due to questions being asked. My business loan was never approved because of my internet profile. I know, shit happens.
Well, shit is about to hit the fan now. I’m not alone now. We’re a team of over 2 dozen ‘victims’. We have the funds, the time and the resource. We have help from several cyber experts, legal experts and law enforcement groups. And we vow to expose each and everyone of these scammers running these websites, and anyone remotely associated or helping these scams. We’ll reveal their identities and publish evidence which will help take them down, permanently.

Your time is up !