Darren Chaker, a failed and previously jailed blogger has had a long and tedious history with Ripoffreport and it’s attorney David Gingras. In 2013, he was sentenced to Federal Prison for bankruptcy fraud after being investigated by the FBI. You can read more about it here

Today, Judge Atlas sentenced Darren Chaker to a term of 15 months in prison, to be immediately followed by a three-year-term of supervised release. He was further ordered to pay a $2,000 fine. As part of the sentencing, Judge Atlas included special conditions that he not stalk or harass anyone and obtain mental health counseling and anger management. In handing down the sentence, Judge Atlas noted that the bankruptcy system depends on the reliability of those who petition for bankruptcy relief and added that the case involved a defendant who could not tell the truth to the court. She rejected Chaker’s request for a sentence of probation, calling this a significant crime and finding that a sentence of custody is critical.

Darren Chaker is reported extensively at http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/darren-chaker-101/internet/darren-chaker-101-darren-deniro-complete-fraud-on-every-level-internet-601304 , and he absolutely hated it. So much so that he made it his mission to target the persons who exposed him. He conspired with complaintsboard.com, an extortion racket already in legal tussle with Ripoffreport to try and criminally defame a number of people. Here are some of the emails he sent to complaintsboard.com. In return, complaintsboard.com conveniently removed the one complaint against him – https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/the-mcmillan-law-firm-la-mes-california-c499457.html . Since then, there has been zero complaints posted against Darren Chaker on this website. Brothers in arm !!

Complaintsboard.com had been ripping content from Ripoffreport.com, and posting it on their websites for years. Once these complaints begun to rank, they offered to remove them in exchange of thousands of dollars. This was their entire modus operandi, which makes them no better than cheap criminals. Ever since Ripoffreport went after them with lawsuits, these Latvians tried everything in order to hurt their rivals.

Tomorrow, we’ll disclose how these people went after Ripoffreport and their associates, and conspired with their lawyer Erik Syverson. We’ll also expose how they frantically had to change registrar and host when the shit got real.


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