This is the beginning of the end for

Here on this series of posts, you will find all information about this extortion website and their actors, including –

  • Their real names
  • Their contact details, phone, address
  • Their photos, documents and other business activities
  • Identities of their family, friends and close associates
  • Reputation and Law firms working with these criminals
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Their revenue model
  • Their banking information
  • Their Payment Gateway Details
  • Their Hosting Information
  • Evidence of Extortion
  • Evidence of collaboration with Reputation and Law Firms
  • List of all complaints/content which have suddenly vanished from the website
  • Re-posting all the removed content on multiple websites
  • Guidelines on exact laws they have broken, with instructions on how to report them to authorities who are investigating them.
  • Compilation of all victims of this extortion scheme and how to connect with other victims to set up RICO violation case against this website.
  • Anonymous Tip on these criminals

Nothing and Nobody can remain anonymous on the internet. Everybody leaves a trail. With this investigation, we’ll prove that these are nothing but opportunist criminals who have left a series of trail. For a team of investigators with over 40 years of combined Cyber Investigation skills, this was a piece of cake. We’ll release the information in stages, so that it can be useful for the legal process.

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