So these criminals are worried. They’re shitting their pants.

And what is the best these cyber bullies could do ? What is the ONLY thing these keyboard warriors are capable of doing?

Hire a lawyer and go to the courts?

Go to the FBI and DOJ?

Be a man and own up to their crimes?

No, these are habitual liars and cowards. Their entire identity is based upon trying to hurt others. It runs in their family, so we are not surprised when they came up with an imitation website – and thought –

well, what if we catch  by surprise, and target all those who we believe is behind this website hell bent on taking us down. We’re sure they’ll panic and shut down their website. They don’t know who they are dealing with here. Hurr Hurr…..

What a bunch of assholes. So this is the best they could do. And we were worried that we have a fight on our hands. LOL.

So they are targeting Aaron Greenspan. They’re targeting Angela Zarokian. They’re also targeting some Asians. Racism much ?

They’re targeting random people who liked posts on our facebook page, or Twitter.

Our sympathies with all these people. But let us make it clear. We do not hold ourselves accountable for their actions. This is solely on these criminals and no one else. Please do NOT contact us asking for help, or trying to mediate on behalf on these criminals. Just go ahead and file a complaint with FBI and DOJ. We will then consider helping you.

Now, let us actually see who these criminals have NOT targeted in this imitation website, and upon closer inspection, we now have identified the people behind this fake website imitating us.

So, what do we do? Nothing. Why should we do anything? It’s actually great. They;re doing half the work for us. Remember, anybody and everybody listed on our website is a cyber extortionist. The more website exposing these people and companies, the better.

So whoever running, you have our best wishes for the future. Go on Tiger, expose them all. Shut them down. Target them, their families, their revenue. We are all rooting for you.

And finally, for those who think we shut down recently, NO WAY. It was just a practice to identify who all are monitoring our website. We switched off the website for 24 hrs, and these are the people who tried to ‘remove’ our articles from Google.

Don’t worry, these links are not going anywhere 🙂


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