So, something just dropped into our laps from nowhere. A good Samaritan has just emailed us THE ENTIRE MAILBOX for The archive has over 180,000 emails (including sent mails). He/she has also sent us the entire database of userinfo leading upto May 2016. It is understood that this person is (or was) an insider who happened to have access to everything, and has shed light upon how this extortion scheme really works.  Over the course of next few weeks/months, we will be publishing the entire data in a series of posts.

We will be uncovering the modus operandi, the extortion scheme, the partners-in-crime, the lawyers who collaborated with these scammers, the reputation agencies and their quid-pro-quo deals, the legal obligations they failed to comply with, the law-enforcement authorities they deceived and mocked, the illicit money they made and the crimes they committed.


complaintsboard mailbox


Together, we will supply this information to anyone thinking of filing a lawsuit against these criminals and their associates. We will also be contacting the relevant law agencies and provide them all the forensic information they need to take action against this network, and their associates in USA, Europe and India.

So what exactly do we have ?

  • The complete mailbox archive foe entire network of, spanning over 5 years
  • 129,731 emails in inbox
  • 52,346 emails in sent folder
  • 21 lawfirms and attorneys conspiring with these scammers against their own clients
  • 14 reputation firms bribing and playing a dangerous game
  • 42 law-enforcement agencies being mislead and lied to
  • entire complaint-generation and planting modus operandi
  • the associates in India, running Indian websites
  • conspiracy against Ripoffreport
  • fight among complaint site operators
  • their entire racket , busted !


It will take us time and a lot of posts to publish everything. But even if it takes us a year, we’ll keep going until we publish EVERYTHING we have, and do WHATEVER we can to nail these criminals.









The kingdom is falling.  Friends are turning enemies, and exposing everything. We WILL take you down !


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