If you didn’t knew yet, CyberExtortion.org has been provided with the entire mailbox of Complaintsboard.com by one of their ex-employees.

Quite ironical. Disgruntled ex-employee revealing dark secrets of their previous masters, screwing them royally in the process.

Here is an interesting email thread between Darren Chaker and Sergejs Kudrjacevs, owner of Complaintsboard.com –


Email 1 – Sent by Darren Chaker to Complaintsboard – 

I hope this finds your well. I am not a big fan of ROR or David Gingras, who, along with Jaburg & Wilk devised a scam to force people to pay $2000 to remove a single defamatory link. Nonetheless, I ask if you like what you see at www.slideshare.net/jaburg-wilk/ that I obtained through public record act requests, to please remove comments made by ComplaintsBoard users, Nicole-Chaker-Problem profile-923278 (ex girl friend and defendant in defamation lawsuit in California), and Scott-McMillan profile-827018 (friend of Gingras). If you would like to email me, I have a booking photo of Gingras while he was in law school and was arrested for sexual molest of a minor. Email me @ darrenchaker@gmail.com Best to you.

Sergejs Kudrjacevs


Email 2 – Second email from Darren Chaker to Complaintsboard.com


Sergejs Kudrjacevs


Email 3 – Reply from Complaintsboard.com to Darren Chaker

Sergejs Kudrjacevs


Email 4 – Thank you note from Darren Chaker to Complaintsboard.com

Sergejs Kudrjacevs



As bonus, we’re uploading the ‘documents’ sent by Darren Chaker to Complaintsboard.com – 


4072 Mtn Vista 85048


AZ Bar 2012 Complaint Gingras w cvr ltr


David Gingras Sexual Molest


David_Gingras Jaburg_Wilk Booking Photo


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