It’s been a dull April, but May has started with loads of excitement. So let us put forward all the threats and messages sent to us by various complaint sites owner aka scammers who are rattled.

For sake of transparency, we’re publishing all out in the public. No censorship BS. We may name people who might not be connected to our adventure. It is not our intention to drag them in our exercise. But since these scam artists are going to target them anyways (because that’s all they can do – slander), we’re publishing their identities here. Our apologies in advance.

So, let’s start with Mr Jack Baugher , who suddenly realized he is a family man. He suddenly understood the pain he caused to other fathers and families. Jack is a coward, however. We know he’s been sending ‘anonymous’ threat emails to various people he thinks might be behind (popehat/liaisons) . He then send us a few threats directly, using a fake name and email. Here’s what he said to us –


The first email sent to us, using a fake name and email. Jack Baugher referred to us as Nathan. Perhaps someone he targeted in the past. Upon further research, it seems Jack is referring to one Nathan Howards at . We have sent an email to Mr Nathan in case he wants to share some information with us on Jack’s scam. Jack also referred to his 12-yr old daughter he got involved in his scam, under whose name he collects the funds. Such a shameless guy.

Here is Jack replying to our response. He is adamant that Nathan is part of You see, how desperate these scammers become when they’re not the ones attacking. When they realize they cannot use their defaming tactics against someone they cannot identify 🙂

Our final response to his lame threats and arguments. We’ve had enough of this idiot and have sent him a list of public data we’re going to use in our upcoming articles. The key word – public data. So, bring on the law and the FBI, Jack. Maybe they can explain what law we’re breaking.


And Mr Jack sent us this just 5 mins ago. He’s such a desperate fool. He’s switching between trying to threaten us, pressurize us, while holding on to his false ‘investigator’ reputation. It seems he is confused. So, we’re going to help him here –


  • Karatbars
  • ClientsRFirst
  • Sally Hicks
  • Lisa Baugher
  • Leeann Baugher
  • Vickie Gangle
  • Stacy Figueroa
  • Caleb Baugher
  • Ronald Baugher
  • Trevon Baugher
  • Larissa Baugher
  • Brad Baugher

We have compiled extensive data on the above individuals. We believe that all of the above have critical information and were privy to the little scam run by Jack Baugher and his family. They also might have profited from Jack’s little scam, and we will publish about everyone named above to create awareness on such extortion schemes. Even though we’re writing about these associates and friends of Mr Jack Baugher, we strongly request you not to use this information for any malicious intent. If you do, rest assured Mr Jack Baugher will leave no stone un-turned to come after you and sue you. He might also bring in the FBI, like he’s doing with us 🙂




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