Call for Destruction – Kill Reputation

So we now have just over 1000 victims of Online Defamation and Cyber Extortion Schemes connected with us. It's a start. Collectively, the onus is on us to deliver a blow to these Cyber Extortionists, their accomplices and the Business that profit from these schemes. We're going to send you ... – Mercenaries for cyber extortionists

This is going to be short and simple. When we started this campaign against extortion schemes, we connected with several people, organizations and agencies, looking for information. We are fighting the cyber extortionists with their proprietary method ofcourse. When we got in touch with


Never pay anyone to remove complaints

  If you find a bad review, defamatory content or personal dirt on any of these suspicious looking websites, your first instinct will be to destroy those links. Erase the content permanently. You'll feel powerless and angry at the same time. You'll click that link daily hoping that it is ...

web extortion

We are going to expose extortionists

So let us get this straight. will be a permanent place on the internet featuring you, the Cyber Extortion Criminals and their Associates. This website will NEVER go down. It will be here for decades, listing you, your friends, your family. It'll feature ...

complaints coming back

Removed complaints are coming back

In a typical Cyber Extortion Scheme, there are 3 protagonists- The Complaint Website - who publishes the defamatory content The Reputation Firm - who volunteers to remove the content using magic The Client - i...

cyber extortion

What is cyber extortion?

Cyberextortion refers to an attack or threat of attack on a computing system or server involving a demand for ransom from the owner in return for stopping the attack. One of the most common forms of cyberextortion, Ransomware attacks are a major threat to cybersecurity of banking and financial in...

Cyber Extortion

Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge !

What started out as requesting and basically begging these scammers to remove fake planted posts about my business and my family, including my children, it is not a full-scale war against this organised network of racketeers. We, at have enough time, motivation, fin...