The criminal defamation and cyber extortion racket purported by Jack Baugher . The scammer who claims to be a licensed ‘investigator’ runs a series of sham blogs where he targets individuals that can ‘pay’. He targets vulnerable victims, libels them under a well planned and organized set-up and forces them to pay-to-remove.

The sad part is, the entire family is in this scheme. They are all co-conspirators. Wife, Son, Daughter. Jack Baugher has got a family business rolling here, and we expose him today.



So this fraudster runs – a self-styled consumer advocacy service. This is what he claims on this website –

We offer a quick, discreet and legal solution to retribution, collection and restoration of assets through legal and confidential means.

Why go through the troubles and ramifications of court proceedings, trials and judgments when you can quickly, discretely and confidentially resolve your disputes now.

We work hand in hand with other data collection, investigation and legal agencies domestically and from around the world.


In short, he baits people into believing that he can help them. They tell him their problems and provide him with a ‘target’. That’s all he wants. He then goes to work on these victims, writes absolutely defaming stories about them and waits for these victims to initiate contact. The rest is easy – he demands a hefty sum of money to remove the articles.

In order to execute this scam, he runs a series of websites in addition to The reason is quite simple – the more the number of web properties, the more he can libel and defame his victims on multiple fronts, thus improving his SEO rankings on Google.

Here are the other websites he runs –

He uses a variety of email address and uses multiple identities to hide his true self. What a coward –

  1. Kirk Kennedy
  2. Alex Potts
  3. Andrew Lefore
  4. Frederick Hastings
  5. Admin
  6. Chase Sinclair
  7. James Rider
  8. Jack Bauer


Payment is collected by his daughter – Lisa Baugher . Way to go, Baugher family !!

She’s putting the money to good use as well –


Since this is a family affair, we’ll make sure we list ALL THE FAMILY MEMBERS on our website. Purely for educational and informational purpose only. Please do not go ahead and post baseless allegations on dozens of complaint websites against these individuals. No. That’ll be wrong and unethical. They could be cheaters, scammers, criminals, but let’s pledge not to do unto them what they did to us.



Jack also helped Karatbars with their scam, as explained here by Ethan Vanderbuilt.

Here’s a Ripoff Report complaint against Jack Baugher, which quotes –

This Man (Jack Baugher) Claims to be an Asset recovery LLC. But he is just a thug who threatens ruin if you don’t cooperate with him. If you have no answers then he sues and threatens you endlessly until you run out of assent to fight with.
He has been in more than 60 lawsuits in the last few years (Yakima WA court records). He has a criminal past and a record so bad, he sued his own church. He is now suing a Good Family that has no connection to what he wants. 
Be very careful if you choose to do business with him

The above Ripoff Report clearely demonstrate hos sick Jack Baugher is, and how ruthlessly he destroys a reputation. He seems to have multiple-personality disorder as he routinely puts on the hat of other identities. Shameless creature.



The crux of this elaborate scam is his website . His company Client First LLC is nothing but a front to collect payment for his extortions.

From today, we’ll monitor each and every article published on his websites. If any article goes missing or de-indexed at Google, we’ll know he has collected a fee. That won’t do any good for anyone as that article will be republished on dozens of other complaint sites. So, anyone who plans to pay him, BEWARE ! It’s no good. His source of income is going to die from today onwards.

Cheerio John. Best of luck, Baughers !


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