In 2009, sued’s ass. Complaintsboard, a brainchild of Sergejs Kudrjacevs of Mediolex, a network of Extortion Websites, scrapped and copied thousands of legitimate complaints from Ripoffreport and shamelessly republished on their platforms, all in an attempt to extort money to remove those complaints.  understtood the business model and sued them in US Courts.

Here are some ‘never-revealed’ email correspondence and court orders which reveal what went during this time, how and with whom Mediolex (Sergejs Kudrjacevs) communicated and how managed to survive.

What a dirty game these extortionists play –

Email 1: Notice from attorneys for to Mediolex



mediolex sued


Email 2: realized they are screwed and complies with the demands immediately


Sergejs Kudrjacevs


Email 3: However, Mediolex cannot submit so easily, so they display some form or arrogance


mediolex arrogance


Email 4: David Gingras of Ripoffreport is having none of this


final warning to complaintsboard


Email 5: Mediolex (Sergejs Kudrjacevs) immediately forwards everything to his lawyer – the ‘extortionist defender’ Erik Syverson


Erik Syverson



In this series of emails, we’ll display emails between and Erik Syverson, and analyze how this entire Extortion Ring works


Email 1: Mediolex asking for help !



Email 2: Erik Syverson’s expert advice


Erik Syverson


Email 3: Erik Syverson’s expert advice



Email 4: Erik Syverson provides the service




In this series of emails, we’ll display the Extortion Threats made by, their total disregard of the law and complicity of Erik, their lawyer

Email 1: Court order issued against Complaintsboard extortion and threats


Email 2: is distraught at losing opportunity to extort money from victim distraught


Email 3: Lawyer explains that due process was followed


complaintsboard nulled


Email 4: This is where it gets ugly. Complaintsboard sends a direct threat to this company. No shame at all. This alone can constitute for RICO violations. sending extortion threats


Email 5: Complaintsboard (Sergejs Kudrjacevs) contacts Erik Syverson to try and hold on to this victim’s case to make money.


Erik Syverson


Email 6: Awesome Erik Syverson tried to take to the cleaners. Good for him !


Erik Syverson the smart one



Erik Syverson


So, who is Erik Syverson anyways?

Here’s a quick introduction to this associate of, Mediolex and Sergejs Kudrjacevs –

Here’s a good place to start –

Law Firm Accused Of Role In $11M Facebook IPO Scam


The suit, filed in California Superior Court in Los Angeles County, alleges that Miller Barondess and partner Erik Syverson aided and conspired with Troy Stratos to defraud the investors of ESG Capital Partners LP, a private investment company


Here’s another one –



This low-life con-artist “lawyer” makes promises he can not keep, promises you the sun the moon and the stars but never delivers…all he does is take your money and then never calls you back. He is the worst kind of Attorney as his whole reputation and law firm practice is about stopping defamation against businesses, but as you can see here by reading this, he can’t even help himself and his online reputation. Do yourself a huge favor and run as fast as you can away from this so-called Attorney because all he will do is take your cash and screw you in the process. He is a modern day snake oil salesman and can not, and will not, deliver any results whatsoever.



The next post will reveal the collusion between Sergejs Kudrjacevs (, Erik Syverson and our new player – Aaron Kelly



aaron kelly



Meanwhile, the legal documents/PDFs we always publish


Complaints Board - judgment


Xcentric - - Notice of Service of Process #9


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