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    We all fall down. We all make mistakes throughout our life. We live, We learn, We grow and we move on. Unfortunately there are a loathsome groups of opportunists who prey on people’s weaknesses.
    An Example of such a bottom feeder is They post 20 year old mug shots of individuals who were acquitted and have no convictions. Ironically they seem to come to the surface when those individuals are seeking employment or loans. They are very vague in stating that the parties presented are “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” but present the individual as if they were a hardened criminal for the whole world to see. We are talking records as old as 20 years. Shouldn’t there be a statute of limitations on such thing. They also offer a Subscribe button for wannabe blackmailers to follow these individuals for future offenses.
    When said individual wants to have the offensive mug shot removed from Cyber Space. The #BustedMugShots# people are more than happy to do so FOR A FEE.
    IF THIS IS NOT BLACKMAIL – A CLEAR CUT CASE OF EXTORTION WORKING WITHIN THE FRINGES OF THE LAW – I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. This is exactly how the Yacuzza operates. Give us some money and we will quiet this dirt from your past so that it won’t affect your future.

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