Yes, it’s time.

What we are going to do, is sickening. But as much as we contemplated on our future actions, we feel it’s absolutely necessary. We need to get dirty to clean the swamp. This isn’t working anymore and we’ve been too nice about it.

So Scott Breitenstein, let’s start with you before we move on to other important targets, like’s owner.

Over the course of next few weeks, this is what we are going to do –

1- Publish HUNDREDS of Complaints, Gossips and Personal Dirty Stories about the following people on dozens of websites NOT controlled by you. Literally ruining anybody who is remotely involved with you –

  • Scott Breitenstein
  • Latasha Breitenstein
  • Sebastain Breitenstein
  • Scott Breitenstein Junior
  • Bree Snyder – your son’s girlfriend
  • Selena Preytoni – your slutty daughter

And your friends go in the accomplice section –

  • Margi Watts
  • Justin Breitenstein
  • Debbie Henderson
  • Tonia Chambers Goldsberry
  • Eva Shkane
  • Robertra H Conner
  • Kenny Ashmore
  • Grace Tidd


2- Publish HUNDREDS of Complaints and Reviews on all Reputation Firms and People associated with your websites, including –

  • Jake Lawson
  • Preston Lawson
  • Adam Petrilli
  • Bryan Powers
  • David Tejeras
  • Chris Hinman
  • John Constable
  • Kenneth Stevens
  • Graig Griffin


Let’s see how this shakes up the table. Let’s play !


Also, quick shoutout to new sites complementing our campaign – and, YOU GUYS ARE DOING AMAZING WORK.  The more we target these criminals, the sooner they will cease to exist. Just make sure you don’t ‘deliberately’ leave out anyone. It’ll raise unwanted suspicions, if you know what we mean.


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