The arms of law are catching up with Sergejs Kudrjavcevs, the extortionist, scammer and soon to become a convict in our state penitentiary 🙂

Sergejs Kudrjavcevs just turned 30 in May. He was born on 25th May 1988. Quite young to run such a huge racket, and a shame that he’ll spend his best days in prison on RICO charges.

So, Sergejs set up SERG KUDR LIMITED in UK for money laundering. He had to. How was he supposed to collect ransom and extortion payments in Latvia.

So a series of offshore corporations and bank accounts. We suppose he travels a lot as well, so must have a travel record. We should get his passport information next week and will always know where he is heading out to next.


Sergejs Kudrjavcevs


also, Roman Billa , Andrei G Petrica  🙂




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