We had exposed this crook Sergey Kudrjavcevs who runs a series of extortion websites, most notably complaintsboard.com reviewstalk.com and consumercomplaints.in.

He also runs local Latvian and Russian extortion websites – sudzibas.lv and huzhe.net

Now he is rattled. He sent our DNS manager (Sucuri) a lame copyright notice.


Sergey Kudryavtsev


Sucuri rejected this immediately.

Unfortunately for Sergey Kudrjavcevs, he has no way to find out where are we hosted. So let us help him.

Sergey Kudrjavcevs – we are hosted in 3 different countries, running on sync-servers with multiple mirrors. All anonymous and untracable. You simply cannot take us down no matter what you or your lawyer friends do.

Now since everyone has a right to see what exactly you claimed copyright for, it is our duty to show these images to our users and your victims –



Sergejs Kudrjacevs?


Will this be enough? No, Cyber Extortion has over 2,00,00 emails belonging to ComplaintsBoard.com –

Sergey Kudryavtsev


These emails will be more than enough to –

  • Expose all reputation agencies that work with you
  • Expose all lawyers that take part in extortion schemes
  • IP addresses of defamers
  • Your identity
  • Your Extortion Modus Operandi
  • The entire racket.

This mailbox, along with all headers will be shared with law enforcement, lawyers and anyone who is looking to sue you.

Moreover, we now have Latvian and Russian Samaritan, some of them living close to you. Some you may even know as good friends, who are providing us with a lot of ‘personal’ information and evidence.

So the next time we post about you, it could include even more photos of yourself, your friends, family, chicks and whoever you associate with.

They all are closing in on you, Sergey Kudrjavcevs. Be afraid, be very afraid !

These Latvians and Russians are NOT happy with sudzibas.lv and huzhe.net especially. And now they will know where you live.


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