cyber extortion is a classic case of extortion and willful criminal defamation scheme. It looks like someone set up these website(s) for the sole purpose of publishing unmoderated complaints and rants and negative reviews and extorting money from these hapless victims under the garb of reputation management. Here, we reveal and expose the actual people behind it, their scam network, modus operandi, associates and more. is ONE OF MANY extortion-scheme websites operated by this person. Here are the other 4 sites run by him –


Why would a single person run 5 different websites for the same purpose? It’s SEO. The more the number of sites, the more targets, the more victims, the more number of fake complaints and therefore more revenue. You’ll also see the same company being targeted across these 5 sites. Who on Earth in his/her right mind would publish the same complaint on all the websites ?

So who runs ?

The scammer who owns and runs these websites is –

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  1. Scott and his wife Tasha are the definition of White Trash!!! Every month they both receive Social Security checks and Food Stamps while they are earning income off these sites that goes unreported. They currently live on Bidelman Ave Dayton OH 45410

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